New X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) Technology:

The X3 MOV is the most advanced MOV technology available due to its capability of high-energy dissipation and fire containment which offered an ultimate fire proof and safety surge protection.
Wall-Mountable Design with 3 AC Outlets

Wall-mountable design makes it easy to install, keeps floor space clear of clutter, no more cable chaos. 3 AC outlets allow you to power up to 3 electrical devices, perfect for desktop computers, peripherals, phone/fax/modem, kitchen appliances, standard household electronics.
2 USB Ports as an Adapter:

2 USB ports for USB devices, charging your tablets, smartphones & digital cameras and more. Port A for quick charging, while port B can fulfill the normal daily usage.
LED Color for Appliance Load Status:

Green, Orange, Red and Flash Red indicates different electric loading status. (Normal (Green:~75%), Attention (Orange:76%~85%), Warning (Red:86%~95%), Near Overload (Red Flash:96%~)


  • 3 AC outlets and 3.4A shared 2 USB charging ports allow you to fast charge iPhone/iPad,laptop,bed-light simultaneously.
  • We have your back, X3 MOV technology provides long lifespan and enhanced fire safety.
  • 540 Joules – 3 surge protected AC outlets provide superior power protection for all your sensitive mobile devices.
  • LED color for load specification: green, orange, red and flash red for appliance load status.
  • At Krieger we believe in our products and we offer a 5 Year warranty that proves it.


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